Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 77

saturday, july 26, 2008

productions finished smoothly last night. during the week, one of my campers kept talking about how much she enjoyed doing guitar instruction. at the end of the week, partly inspired by a rhcp song, i asked her if she had her own guitar. she didn't and said her family couldn't afford one. i had picked a guitar up when a friend left a while back. i couldn't really bring this guitar with me to my next place after the summer, so i gave it to this girl. she was incredibly happy and, even more importantly, i'm glad to have been able to stoke musical inspiration in a younger soul.

for the night off, we did the usual. back to victoria and back to skating carparks. we approached one that had a guard and last night we just asked if we could do the one he was guarding for 'our film.' young enthusiasm began to flash through the wrinkled face and grey mustache and he ended up letting us go for a run. after talking to him again at the end of the ride, we were able to determine that, over the past weekly nights off, we've hit every available carpark in vic.

we are the kings of crowntown.

family camp starts tomorrow and halfway through that, i'll get the valuable three days off. i'm going off the island for them.

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