Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 62

i've fallen slightly behind. this is friday, which was a huge day, but i can only give a quick overview because a new week of camp starts in less than an hour.

juniors one ended and the eerie silence rolled in once again as the kids trickled, faded, and were gone. the week's speaker, a teacher and magazine editor (flyfusionmag), and i had some good conversations over the week and i'm really excited about some opportunities we discussed to work together in the future. ask me if you're interested in hearing more. i could use prayer and help to figure and take these next steps.

we had the rest of the day off so the four of us went back into victoria. we longboarded and skateboarded the streets and a couple empty parking garages. i can't even begin to explain the thrill of gliding across the spiraling platforms from the top of the building to the bottom exit. afterwards we chilled at a camp friend's place. its the same downtown complex that avril lavigne lives in apparently. there's a labyrinth of parking tunnels and remote controlled gates underneath that houses incredible cars. even the elevators need a keycard. it was intense. new coldplay and some matt costa played as we stood on the balcony in the cool ocean breeze with the view across the water towards downtown victoria and the ships. perfect chill between busy weeks.

i have to go shoot now.

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