Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 67

we've finished shooting and are starting to rap up on editing portions of the dvd so that tomorrow we can burn and have the dvds ready for friday morning for dispersing. the week has moved by so fast. i think it's because the schedule becomes more and more familiar so the days slide by quicker and quicker.

on the way to lunch one of the counselors in training was having an intense medical moment. there were oxygen tanks and crowd control and an ambulance but after all the trauma i've heard that she is now okay. the three of us were called to help relocate the girl and i ended up sitting on the ground behind her and she sat up against my back while the nurse supported a drooping head. she was shaking and couldn't feel her legs. it was all really intense so i'm glad she was okay.

a harmonica appearance has become a regular flow. i pop out for the one song that goes well with it and then pop back off. there were good reactions tonight, which is nice. all the other songs are played exactly to the sound of the theme's soundtrack so there isn't much other performance room. doing lights and powerpoint in back for the rest is fine.

i don't know what else to say right now.

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