Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 68

dvd night. again. doesn't the last one seem like only a couple days ago? we were really on top of the process this week.

today turned into an adventure. myself and yuself, the other american who's from nyc, have some work permit issues to work out so we got permission to leave camp, i borrowed a car from dave, and we took a drive to downtown duncan. driving and moving fast with the windows down on a sunny afternoon is really a fresh experience after walking around in respective routines at camp. the government building gave us further information and next week we'll be driving a little further to go to a place that's only opened on thursdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with a short close for lunch. this is kind of a narrow target to shoot for since we both have busy days and this location is an hour away, but some things gotta get done.

last night i stayed up a little longer to chill. the camp is good and all but the days can get bland and the grass is quite matted and the screams and yells continue to echo off the mountain. paul and i were talking about how old and worn even our own clothes seem to be feeling. i got new shampoo at walmart a couple days ago just to change it up.

without any distractions or duties last night, i took a tripod to do some night photography. here's some of the stuff. you can click on each to see the full size if you wish.

moments of free time can be rare. i sometimes find myself dwelling on a picture from a various travel from the past couple years and remembering the story that it holds. i might start sharing some of these pics and stories in posts. we'll see.

-vagabonded raconteur-

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