Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 83

grey rain cancelled the game today. too bad. we chilled around and went around town and browsed and 'faffed' around. we came back to the house ready to cook steaks for our last dinner away from camp to find that kirk's mom, who works at one of the supermarkets, had gotten wind of our plan and had steaks on the grill already. awesome. his dad, the prof, showed us a couple of his published books and we all sat down to a solid steak dinner. after this, we saw the new batman movie and ended the night playing a chill board game called 'ticket to ride' where you build railroads across europe.

this has been an amazing adventure and new experience and overall refreshing time off. even the vibe of being on the mainland right now was a not-so forgotten, yet subtle, accompaniment to our journeys.

tomorrow, it's back to the island.

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