Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 94

starwood is going well. camp is running smoothly so far and this fourth week of junior highers is by far the best behaved group yet.

during break today, an australian friend and i went among the thorns to get berries. eat berries. my legs and arms are kinda scratched, but it was good.

tonight, our boss russ took us to his house down in crofton for a video team cookout. a new angle of the mainland mountains caught my eye from the view on the back porch and dill dusted buns were an extraordinary compliment to awesome grilled burgers. we sat around and shared random funny stories about traveling or heard various adventures his band had back in their touring days.

the same girl keeps making comments about the remaining days of camp. i think she said it's now around nineteen or something. unbelievable.

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