Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 106

change. there is change. much like day 41 and the transition from the advance crew in the arrival of staff training week, this hyped and final week of camp, youth camp, has brought dozens of past staff back to camp. older counselors, mostly, are here to meet the minimum age of twenty to fill the roles in a week of age fourteen to eighteen year old campers.

the three of us spend the last few hours of our free time earlier today in the office wrapping up a few of the new projects for this week. this included the recording of a couple of quick compositions of keyboard stuff for their parts in the episodes. finally. some music. we're all really excited to play the first episode tomorrow night. we're doing things never done before.

i might shave soon. in a few days now. there's a plan forming for a communal shave. i was approached tonight and, if it happens, the production could be epic. we'll see.

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