Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 91

goodbye children. another week ends. some of my video campers' counselors were telling me that the kids had written on their feedback form that one of their favorite part of the week for them was 'starwood dv and our teacher was cool.'

i was feeling a little tired and worn after this week and didn't feel like going back for another weekend skate in victoria. instead i was looking for some chill inspiration of tangible page. isaac was down to go to chapters in nanaimo so we took his jeep, which i got to drive due to his expired license. driving a jeep again. yes. everything in canada seems to close early. the bookstore chain closed at six on a saturday night and a coffee shop with free wifi closed at seven, so after chilling around we stopped at a chill, independent chipotle-styled restaurant. rainy clouds parted and the mountains looked refreshed beneath a rainbow and fading sun on the ride back. tomorrow begins another week of junior high camp and starwood dv instruction and such.

i'm glad to sleep early tonight.

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