Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 97

the week is almost over. today was the last full day of the last junior high camp of the summer. this is also production night.

ever since that first night, where nine dvd's were sacrificed in an entire mess of failed production, the starwood dv project productions have gone just fine and those messed up original nine are still sitting in a row on top of the window frame. it makes a good lesson when the kids ask what those are up there for..

i walked into my office after lunch and walked out of my office for dinner. just one of those office days, yellow walls and a humming floor fan, but because of what was accomplished earlier i hopefully won't have an office all-nighter.

there's a chance i might be going to a death cab for cutie concert in seattle at the end of the summer. that would be amazing.

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eric johnson said...

...and that's don't scratch the dvds.