Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 90

the strange sound of blowing handfulls of leaves, falling in pale greens and mellow yellows, made timid appearances today. weird. we marvel that we've only just finished the first week of august and agree that this whole summer has still felt like two or three weeks. now leaves are just beginning to start to call it quits. it's surreal.

the starwood dv kids rapped up their projects today and a couple of the boys came back to hang out during free time. they're cool animated guys who still have boyish laughs and smirking smiles in the fun they make and see. one wanted to learn garage band and as we worked on that, the other messed around with photo booth and was excited to show every picture he took.

tonight is production night but the blackberry bushes around camp now offer their fruit in many places, so i'm going to go make like a bear while i wait for these projects to burn. i can't wait to hit three digits in days.

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