Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 85

everyone's back. even the distant mainland mountains were visible, snow-peaked and serious, from across the waters of a pristine and sunny afternoon. i have re-noticed the freshness of the mountain air here after spending some time in the metropolis. still, vancouver's exhale didn't seem as coarse as chicago or the waterbody-barren rockford.

on our various adventures, we've come to an understanding. this verbalization, called the watershed theory, is the moment where, like a raindrop hitting the peak of a shed, the drop will go one way or another for whatever reason and then be required by the flow of those behind and the legalities of time and gravity to continue. plinko. God.

two months are already over here. as i turned my back to the water and ocean earlier today and realized that last summer's australia lasted two months and at the end of the trip, i was definitely feeling the grain of time, even after a massively productive and exciting adventure and ministry. today, it doesn't feel like two months. it doesn't feel like time at all. on of the other video guys turned twenty-two today and i'm relatively young to the majority of these people, but it's good. good things are happening and God has a hold of things and everything's exciting right now.

tomorrow, we start another week of starwood dv and working one-on-one with kids and video. should be good.

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