Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 100!

made it!

forty days of advance crew, one week of staff orientation, and now almost eight full weeks of consecutive summer camps have past. as i walked up from doing some shooting at the beach today, i couldn't even believe that nearly a third of a year has been spent here already. last night, i couldn't sleep right away despite trying to get to bed early, so i stood at the back railing of the lodge. there was the sounds of waves down below the hill of evergreens and dark skies were pricked with the little holes to heaven and sufjan stevens' chicago played on my ipod. i remembered leaving rockford in a rushed and rescheduled ending of the spring semester of college and baseball. after taking finals a few days early and then packing the day before the plane took off, i was gone. all things go, all things go.

school started today for me back home. i skipped hah. i've dropped these classes because i still have two weeks of commitment left here. i've also learned so much this summer concerning media and especially video that i'm not really concerned about this semester off. autodidactic, eclectic enthusiasm is still alive and quite well. there are also plans for after this summer.

also, nearly everything has happened in solid sets of numbers thus far:

- my arrival, which varied much in regard to the other staff, happened to total 40 days past by the end of advance crew.
- i had my only three days off at mid summer. i happened to receive the second of two available blocks, which left my last day of work on day 80.
- now, 100 days in, i've spanned the exact date of school's intended end and its intended beginning.

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