Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 87

we continued to shoot around camp today. some of my kid's counselors told me that their campers had been excitedly talking about starwood dv and what they've been doing and learning so far. good times.

after teaching and shooting around with them, i had some time off. i got the kayak and, accompanied by a friend, set off to see what was around the other point i had stopped at on a previous adventure. after paddling and visiting the purple starfish along the rocks beneath the rope swing, we made one turn and then, this time, one more right turn around the final outstretching point. finally. just to the right, around the small cove of smashing water and rocks, the water straightened out into a long path. i would say this looked like a huge river, but that would be ridiculous because no river can exist in a channel of ocean water.

i have a very hard time conceding that the straight between our shore and the nearby salt spring island can be entirely called 'the ocean.' isaac and i had a long talk about this. regardless, i can't approve that ocean water in a narrowed path between islands is entitled for the all-encompassing title of 'ocean'.

is it even possible?

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