Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 102

the rain stayed last night. and today. grey skies and heavy rain accompanied cool weather. soggy socks and shoes are gonna make the kids' cabins smell sweet tonight. i was assigned to do cabin cleanup supervision for this morning. all i had to do was show up to an assigned boys cabin and hang out and make sure they cleaned up their cabin while their counselors were in morning staff meeting. it was really fun and i made some new friends.

there's a video guy from last year who's come to counsel for youth camp. he came up a few days early from seattle to chill and help out with any video needs. here is my first real new american friend of the summer. being the american video guy i was when i first arrived, everyone compared the two of us in similarities, mannerisms, and appearance. we do actually look alike though and now that he's here too, everyone's asking if we are brothers. when we walk around, the other staff are amused. we've started telling them that we are brothers. i should put a picture up. maybe later.

the heavy rain and cold day made it hard to do any good shooting this afternoon, but we had some chill time and compared and shared music. i love broadening musical horizons. there's a free program called 'simplify media' that makes it possible to share itunes libraries over the internet from anywhere in the world. no common network required. if you wish, set up the quick account name and let me know your name and i'll share mine with you.

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