Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 88

somebody mentioned that there's something like twenty-five days of camp left. no way. i've never had a summer go by so fast.

it's midweek and as i walk around camp doing other shooting for the dvd and such, my starwood dv campers often pop out of nowhere and come and say hi and sometimes tag along. it's sweet.

we have some exciting new plans for some projects to show during youth camp at the end of the summer and one of our video ideas has an opportunity for me to compose a score. soundtrack. i can't say anything else right now though. i'm really excited about this and already have melodies and ideas in my head.

i've been wanting to get up early for a while now but never do. tomorrow, i will. one of the year round staff has a kayak he said i could use so i'm planning on taking an early morning paddle along the beach before breakfast. should be good.

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