Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 107

these youth campers are cool. my starwood dv crew is solid and i have the seattle dude as my assistant for the week, so it should be good.

tonight we played the first episode of our secret project created especially and only for this week- a silent film that uses some of qwanoes footage from thirty years ago. this, mixed with new footage that's been digitally treated to appear as 8mm film projection, received a great reception. having been able to rewrite and alter and record some of the music for a few crucial parts in this old time recreation has been one of the biggest work highlights of the summer. hands down. one part was an adaption for a commonly recognized camp fanfare and the other was the reworking of the super hero introduction that's been used for many years in the regular episodes. like i said, none of this had been really done before. good times.

russ, my boss, came up to my office today in the break during the morning qtown and we did a quick play of a song he wanted to do that morning. he informed the rest of the band and we went up and we did the song on the spot. the campers dug the harmonica and one of the counselors told me that one of his kids carries around a harmonica too and wants to learn from me. that's a really exciting opportunity that's been presented so i'll be working on that connection as the week continues. tomorrow, russ and i are going to each wear johnny cash sunglasses and do ring of fire and then the regular harmonica-part song to open morning q-town.

finally, some music.

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