Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 92

hello children. the final week of junior high camp began today leaving one more juniors camp before the youth camp finale. i walked the beach this morning and noticed more pale, fallen leaves had collected at the corners of rock faces and along tide marks. i took the back path up, walking through the place that i'd seen a bear many weeks ago. i was looking for blackberries and wondered if he might be back for the same, but he wasn't. even if he had been, there's now enough blackberries for the both of us. and for the whole camp. and maybe a small army, but this is canada. army?

there are a ton of blackberries bleeding among the green thorns. a fresh, cool breeze floated down the mountain and through the trees. there's still three weeks of camp but summer is starting to slow itself down. the final crew of junior highers are here.

on a complete side note, i've been thinking about the sixties and its music lately. beatles, dylan, cash, hendrix, elvis, etc, etc. what a big decade.

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