Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 84

saturday, august 2, 2008

after a last homecooked breakfast and the ferry ride to the mainland, we got back to camp a little after noon. the band starfield was on our ferry and they sat in a corner near the cafeteria towards the front of the boat. i had wanted to go talk to them and ask them about their tour stop back home, but got lost reading and chilling with the people we were returning with.

the vibe of coming back to camp was a strange one and, although people had only been gone three days, reunions were noticeably animated. with most everyone back 'home', as it has become so natural for everyone to say, the entire staff boarded the buses to have pizza and go swimming at an indoor waterpark/pool thing. between water polo and 'surfing' in the wave pool and going down slides, a good time was had by all. after this, we went to a beach and had ice cream while many of the hundred plus staff shared around the fire about current struggles or joys or changes happening in their lives throughout the first half of the summer of camps.

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