Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 206

scott came by the house today to see if any of us wanted to join a daytrip to calgary. the sleepy fog of a sudden awakening immediately evaporated when a dark flash pushed into the room and began sniffing the contents and clothes on the floor. deano. this is the dog that when brought along on the first roadtrip to montana had left a present on the carpet of our new friend's house seconds after scott had announced that his dog was fully house trained. neither of them have since been allowed to live that moment down. deano....

i decided to stay in town with bob dylan and the other new books and to work on mastering this accordion. you have to be careful when you're learning instruments like harmonica and accordion. there's a potential to lose close friends in the earliest stages but, with time and experience and if you're wise, the two worlds will come together. that's what i've found.

a quote in the dialogue of the book 'car camping' caught my attention this afternoon. "everyone thinks they want to be free but they don't know what freedom is, and if they had it, they'd be terrified. they just want everyone else to think they're free." i remember the painstaking hours in philosophy class semesters ago where a motionless debate between a handful of students spiraled from seeking conclusive answers to floods of instant, fiery opinions. they were trying to answer the majority of discussion questions regarding free will and true freedom. the professor loved the mayhem. i thought it was a waste of time.

i haven't written any papers or entered a classroom in the past few months, but the books and people and places are teaching me more than a midnight essay for the next morning of class.

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