Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 207

i wrapped up the night with a bob dylan medley. the fire was dying in the fireplace next to the keyboard in the front window bay. i noticed that the mop and bucket were leaning against the back wall. simple chords fell on the keyboard and harmonica carried the rest. mr tambourine man is my favorite dylan tune.

there's ultimate satisfaction walking the sidewalk of dark and quiet shops of this ski town with a zip lock of tips and change. rent and food. that's all i need. i went to the grocery store to buy a cookie after the gig and the chick smiled when i dug into the massive sack of coins and fished out enough for the goods.

earlier today, i had an interview at the lodge for a retail position in the gift shop/gear stop in the lobby. mugs and ski goggles. t-shirts and trinkets. we sat near the big windows in the same room as that digital baby grand mentioned before and i answered her questions appropriately about retail experience and subsequent success at 'selling products.' she talked about 'their products' in the shop and i couldn't help but silently wonder who's products they really were. not mine.. not hers..

i answered the rest of the interview and nodded my head at appropriate times but my eyes wandered to the piano a few times as she looked down at her paper to quote schedules and other standard info. they'll call me back on monday. i don't know if i can handle retail again. especially after tonight.

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