Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 234

"so this is the new year and i don't feel any different. the clanking of crystal. explosions off in the distance" are the first few words from a death cab for cutie song. they opened with it in seattle that one early september concert where the air was fair and the summer was ending.

now today, winter, i walked the downtown of this ski town. people carried skis over their shoulders and some are followed by pet dogs. i was going to get a haircut from a friend's dad who's a barber. he's had the shop for twelve years now and we had good conversation as he gave me my first haircut in at least eight months. then a bit of a beard trim. and then, he said merry christmas and didn't even charge me.

tonight we had a few hours work for a new years event on the hill for the kids. i kept the bon fire going for a few hours and then at nine oclock we handed out sparklers to the dozens of children and had a 'kid's new year countdown.' i think the parents liked this idea and, since the darkness falls at five in the afternoon, nine oclock might as well been midnight to these kids.

for what its worth, i wish you a happy new years. here comes the dead of winter. i'm looking forward to it in this place.

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