Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 216

two big highlights today.

i don't know how what words to describe the sweet experience it was to play a real show tonight. there's four of us. australian drummer, kiwi electric guitar, aussie bass, and me on keyboard and sometimes accordion. ski bums and friends packed the 'bar named sue.' what a good thing.

this afternoon, i finally got up to the resort to meet up with the restaurant manager. perfect timing. after scoring the job playing piano in that big windowed room on the mountain, i had lunch there with the montana girls, tim, and scott the hotel manager who were chilling in a free room. the piano gig will also supply me with free meals on the nights that i play. right now, that has potential to develop into free steak dinners on at least five nights a week. this also comes at a great time cause my food drawer is starting to hallow a bit as i'm still a janitor in the real world.

i ordered a buffalo burger at the resort and it reminded me of a family vacation in south dakota. dust and seven up.

once, well over a year ago by now, i had an acute mental picture of an ultimate scene. dream. the elements were simple but by no means ordinary. in my imagination there was a grand piano, big windows, a fireplace, and massive mountains launching peaks outside.

i'm very blessed and thankful for all this.

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Joshua Field said...

dude sick. i would love to hear you guys play!