Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 202

i couldn't keep my eyes of the sky after crossing the border. a corrugated cloud cover rippled gold and grey and the stiff layers of clustered trees stood like cardboard cutout props on a massive stage. montana. the tinted van windows filtered the yellow glow outside to create a scenery like a vintage, 70's picture that is musty and of low contrast.

twenty friends assembled in kalispell, montana for american thanksgiving. kiwis, aussies, canadians, and us. i can say us again cause i'm on home soil. it's a weird feeling to be back in the u.s. so quickly after living and getting settled in a new country.

montana is a brutal place to become reacquainted with a sense of driving direction after getting to know a small town where everything is in walking distance. long, horizon-pointed roads don't help the cause of trial-and-error direction finding either.

i'd been looking for this book for several weeks in canada and was stoked to find it in the bargain section at borders. that, along with this brought great joy.

dinner was amazing and was wonderfully and gracefully prepared by our montana friends. we'd all brought various odd and ends to add but we're all thankful for their hospitality and good work all around.

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