Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 186

i went grocery shopping today with thirty five dollars. that's a huge deal and i can afford it now that i get paid tomorrow by the church for the first two weeks of janitorial service.

food is still definitely more expensive in canada, exchange rate in mind, and i passed the boxes of seven and ten dollar cereals to collect the elements listed on a scrap of paper. unfortunately, the store was out of sinderella, nutella's close and more down-to-earth cousin. generic, but i like her.

after depositing and sorting the goods in my designated food drawer in the kitchen, i spent the afternoon chilling at another coffee shop reading and making some plans for projects and designs. there are several skills i've been able to continue to develop out here and i'm finding continual inspiration in this place. handfuls of chill coffee shops within walking distance are a great benefit to this.

then after a day of both sunlight and snowfall, and sometimes both at the same in a surreal manner like a rainbow's appearance in a summer thunderstorm, the mountain's white dusting glowed and massive clouds above held dashes of yellows and reds.

i'm starting to feel narcissistic again because all this writing about me and my day and life. there's more happening. i might start describing people more. i might start writing as if for a book- exploring ways that this story could be told in a more fulfilling and broader perspective. i'm open to suggestions.

try this.

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Jeff Goins said...

thanks for your comment! is this guatemala?