Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 188

there's been developments lately that were kind of hard to put away. the first real struggles of community, i guess.

we all do the dishes and stay on top of washing towels and things like that in our house, but this was the kind of thing where it seemed that people started to feel like they needed to push themselves up a little more or put someone else down in order for a good time to happen. i don't know how to explain it as a whole because there was a bit more cultural connotation, but i saw it getting to some people here. by the means of initiating a group confrontation the situations was solved. thankfully this is early because, with this being the middle of the first of five months, i could already see the problem getting bigger in the future.

there are friends from montana up for the weekend to visit. they'll come to church in the morning and i'm still trying to decide if its alright to wear a flannel shirt to a conservative church even if they do have a laid back dress code. we are leading a bluegrass-style worship service. i think these are both grey areas for them, so it'll be interesting.

i've decided on the flannel. we'll see how it goes.

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