Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 192

i think i'm back on track here after the past couple days of distractions and failing to channel a few dozen of ideas and thoughts i thought i wanted to use. they're mostly gone now and, as usually happens, i haven't moved fast enough to chase those ideas escaping like a zipping currency wandering down a windy city street. remember though, i did find a ten dollar bill on the ground the third day of being here. that was cool..

anyways, i got an awesome package today from a friend in vermont. filled mostly with organic, hippy food made in the state, the box has come at a great time and, after picking the mysterious box up from the post office, i walked down the block to mug shots. inside the coffee shop, a friend paused her work behind the counter to join the unwrapping and sorting through the collection of fair trade coffee, snacks, granola, and a coffee thermos. thanks very much.

i reached an important point today. faith has been huge so far and has been a strong and growing element through what's been developing, but i'm starting to feel like i could give back more to these people who are helping us all get started. everyone is kind and is doing or giving a little bit of furniture or food or cash and our group as a whole has been well-adjusted as a part of the bigger community here. still, as i munched on a free, oldish cinnamon roll in the coffee shop this afternoon, i've decided to start reminding myself to look harder for ways i can give back to the people who've helped get us settled.

i also justified spending coin on coffee. again. if you use the same terms of analogy that smokers too must have to budget to feed their addiction, and i'm no smoker, then spending much less on something as harmless as coffee doesn't seem like too heavy a loss in either effect or price. that's what i'll keep telling myself until i start a full time job.

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