Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 187

realization- i'm not restless anymore. i realized this at the coffee shop this afternoon where i get greeted by name now. someone recognized me in the grocery line too. small town.

one more realization- having that job on the hill fall through was a really good thing. i remember that day 170 where i thought that these plans and means and everything had fallen apart and the trip was over.

now, tonight, i'm honestly able to say that i'm not gonna care a ton if i don't snowboard every other day.

i'm giving space to these thoughts here. to let them breathe.

this town and new friends and setup and venues have been the best place for music to grow. to be concentrated on. inspired.

our band was offered a gig to lead worship for a new year's, weekend activity. i'm pumped.

i went to the pawn shop today and met bob, an old man who walked slowly through his narrow isles of dusty and forgotten possessions until we stopped at the collection of three accordions, all of which sat like sleeping, open mouths of teeth in their individual and faded velvet cases. he promised me a deal on one when i had some money but wouldn't say how much. i could tell that he was still shrewd.

nate, a dread-head new zealander, is in fernie for the winter after his Bible school fell apart at the beginning of the term. he came over and we cooked some cheap steaks under the drone of moby and whilst an annie leibovitz documentary played on my computer.

i made this over the past couple days. the tea house might want it for their window. i'll show it to them soon.

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