Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 183

there's enough cement dust in my beard to make a small sidewalk.

a day's work with a jackhammer and busting up the concrete around a resort hot tub has stunned my gripping ability. this happened to be the same hot tub that our hotel manager friend gave us access to a few weeks back. my wrists ache now and i don't know how to further describe the disoriented and spastic feeling of trying to pull a stuck and live jackhammer out of the ground, but i can still use my fingers to type and click. i want to take a shower and dust myself off, but my hands aren't ready for anything close to that just yet.

still, i'm pleased. i got these couple days labor at a perfect time of need.

i wrote both my documentary-maker/videoproduction/film professor and the maker of my all-time, favorite documentary before the music dies. i have a couple pre-production questions and incredibly, they've both written back within a day and both are willing to correspond aid for the process. that's awesome. my prof recommended this book.

hmm. i'm living on rice and beans right now, but maybe i can justify it if i make some money playing music soon. or my birthday is in two weeks. probably not.

dang. two weeks. that's honestly the first time i've put that into context.

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