Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 184

there's enough snow in my beard to make a small snowman.

another day's work finishing the 'jackhammer and busting up the concrete around a resort hot tub' project has stunned my face's movement ability. this happened to be the same hot tub that our hotel manager friend gave us access to a few weeks back. it snowed for most of the day while we worked on the mountain.

it's been good to work these two full days. i'm going to buy a piece of meat tomorrow night and cook it into a steak to celebrate. this also to just narrowly avoid having rice and beans for three straight nights.

in respect to the retro, i've found some old material. like high school old. it didn't win a prize in the senior year poetry contest, but it won me. then and now.

the highway

the highway was filling with eager heads,
all excited that this was their time,
everyone thinking the road wouldn't end,
the pathway to making a bigger dime.

looking ahead as they cruise along,
faith in each other has left no doubt.
groups spring up, composing and singing songs.
closed eyes, lifted heads, ignore other routes.

from the entry ramp, he views their road.
he watches their pace with sparkling eye.
not vain was the depart from his abode,
thinks of life and looks to the open sky.

desire to find what can't be bought,
instead joining the trip that's re-run,
he gives them his back and his eyes grow taut,
arms crossed, head now facing the setting sun.

going west he nods his head.
gas tank full and day quickly fading
the car he drives is now his bed
with new marvels to see, the world is waiting.

foolish, no. he took the chance,
ready to begin a longer ride.
leaving behind the train of ants.
"i can always get on from the other side."

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