Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 201

pawn shop bob said he'd sell me the accordion for one hundred fifty bones. said he'd be alright with breaking even on 'what he paid' for it so i'm going to make a down payment on monday. selling the ibook g4 came at a good time so i'm afloat for another couple months.

i played piano and harmonica at the coffee shop tonight and a couple of the guys from last night's jam at the brickhouse came around to say hey and give some encouraging word. the whole experience was a blast.

a friend from home asked where i'd recommend she traveled this summer. where. hm.

if i gave an honest opinion on where to travel, i wouldn't send you to any certain place. just get in a car with as much cash as you can earn in the next few months and go somewhere new. live simply and be ready for anything. that's my highest recommendation.

try it. do it. for a week. for a month. for a year. funny how they don't list 'learning how to enjoy life' as a class in college. who is 'they.' isn't college where you go to get straightened out and assembled in your ability to function in the world? hey, look. i got this in my email a couple second ago.

enjoy life and give back as you go. this is the ultimate.

we're heading down to montana tomorrow for an international american thanksgiving.

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