Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 181

i'm sitting at the kitchen island on the log benches and eating rice. last time, my first time, i cooked two cups. good thing i was hungry enough cause two cups of cooked rice turns out to be huge. i'm experienced now. one half cup added to a can of 87 cent maple baked beans has done the job quite well.

in all honesty, i love living like this. even more though, i love the perspective and the motivation to keep living like this.

i've been here about three weeks. in that time, we met and stayed with brand new friends from church, i got hired as the janitor there, then the pastor, myself, and the head of 'snowboarders for Christ' have started planning a video production for the church. i've been able to join the church worship team and we play tomorrow morning, i've met a ton of cool people, have made some connections to play piano in a lodge restaurant later in the season, and a few of us have started a band.

not a bad three weeks.

i like walking most everywhere. i like quarters and dollar coins. i like making rice- so far at least. i like bananas and bagels. i like all this.

i find it much easier to write when i am in a conversation with a person rather than the public. thanks very much for all the messages and encouragements. sometimes i take lines from those and include them in posts. personal. i want that.

i was thinking today about the proverbs verse that talks about 'trust and in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight' and began to wonder if maybe life isnt supposed to be all planned out and that if you do what that verse says and trust and take bold steps, then maybe you'll experience more and deeper life than ever imagined.

anyone can do this kind of thing in their life too. i want people to look inside and see if they can change things where they are right now.

to live simpler
but live fuller

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