Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 200

live music sounds better against a brick wall. it looks better too.

there's a jazz pianist in town who'd apparently 'heard of me' and, although i'm not sure how or why or what that even means, he made some contacts and invited me to the brickhouse tonight for thursday night jazz and blues jam.

there was a xylophone, bass, drums, electric guitar, and a couple saxes and, after some introductions, they were more than willing to give me a shot on they keys. the flow was there for both the piano at the fingers and the harmonica on the lips. neither had ever felt so alive as they did during that jam and round of solos. i was honored by the other guys to hear that 'no one has ever come up and outplayed the piano before.' we've exchanged contact info, so i think tonight might be the beginning of more good musical things.

also the rounding off of the number of days has clicked again and landed on an even, solid number on today's american holiday. happy thanksgiving to everyone in the u.s.a.

i never imagined, specifically, that i'd be gone this long, but if you've been reading along so far then i hope you too can understand the purposes and paths that have been presented and developed in the past two hundred days. our household is heading to montana on saturday to share an american thanksgiving with friends there, so i'll feel at home and the rest of the international house will get a new experience.

tomorrow night is my first, solo gig in a coffee shop. i'm pretty pumped especially after tonight and am starting to wonder if having the job on the ski hill fall through was really a big blessing in disguise.

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lornadooneberry said...

Wow 200 days. The brickhouse sounds awesome. I love jam out jazz & blues nights.