Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 178

i'm dead serious as i put out this first matter of business tonight. please feel free to email me rice recipes. i went grocery shopping today and got one of the few twenty-two pound bags on sale for about five dollars.

i heard in church on sunday that community forces you to be honest with yourself as a person. you can't be just anything you want, by yourself, wherever you happen to be and in whatever comfortable conditions. something like that.

i'm starting to feel and see that as reality. differences in cultures and overall ethnicity have started to show me this already. i hope you don't mind honesty here because i means no offense.

"i'll just hop on your computer to check thisorthat if that's ok"

"i should just write thisorthat quick"

"you want to hold this etc, etc, etc"

those are only a couple examples i can think off top of my head that i've noticed especially in aussies and kiwis. most of their conversation is like banter and, although regular manners aren't always evident in their questions, i think they mean just as well.

still, it can rub the wrong way. but i'm glad to have noticed it this early and to not be alone to have never noticed at all.


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