Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 25

wednesdays have evolved into an overall derailing of any sort of consistent schedule. morning staff meetings take up just enough time to put a decent gash between starting work after breakfast and going to lunch a few hours later, so i wasn't surprised when i didn't make it to my office at all during the first half of the day because of working on the music video shoot. i'm a guitar player in the background for part of it which is kinda exciting.

our three-man jam crew watched the 'before the music dies' documentary after dinner and were immediately inspired to play and such. dave matthews and elvis costello touched on how personal relevance in music is the heart of the purest form of its creating. we couldn't help but agree because in a society of economy-men and superficial appeals, so many performer-turned-superstars have grow into public figures of recognition and are not so much relevant and inspired hitchhikers of imagination who seek to be fueled by creativity and experience.

then tonight, i unexpectedly ran into the painter who's been around for the week. i finished the rest of my midnight snack as he told me about how he got married and such when he was thirty. he actually told me a lot about his life and his family, but i was drawn in during the point he talked about the 'fading of the ideal' in the lives he's seen with an abundance of money and security that still lack any good measure of authenticity and happiness. 'society,' i silently coughed in my head. i was getting an interview on the spot without even having to ask, let alone get a camera for. this was unplugged.

i could understand strands of applicable sense as he talked about how the day after getting married, he felt chills thinking about the other girls he had dated and with whom he would have had to spend forever with if he hadn't ended up where he had. he said its better to want what you don't have than to have what you don't want. fortunately for him, he had what he wanted, and it helped me understand something i want.

i'm not suddenly in love or anything or even trying to be inversely specific about anything, but i needed to knead this out before any application had dried up or blown away in the cool and blustery mountain air.

finally, i've decided today to try to go the entire summer without a haircut or shave. i'm already well into a beard and mini dreads have started showing up in freshly towel-dried hair, so we'll see.  haha why not.

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