Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 44

a gut feeling has led me to post a few minutes before dinner starts. after the meal and the evening events, our three-man video crew is gonna finish shooting the big music video. i've been told i'm a camera operator for this so that's what i'll do. i just finished spending the afternoon putting together the highlight video of staff training over the past few days. it will be shown in tonight's q-town. q-town.. q-town...

we'll be working late so i might get back to add or edit this. this is the director's cut.

i have acquired an rei nalgene bottle. legend has it that this bottle, most recently left behind by my friend tim after his sudden return home to new zealand, had been owned by one of my roommates and, before that, by another friend here. this second friend had picked it up after tim had left it behind once before during a past trip or departure. rumors circulated that tim picked the nalgene bottle up during a previous adventure from another traveller. now it's mine. i've washed it several times, so stop worrying about germs because i know you are, and someday i'm gonna find out where this bottle had indeed been before tim.

this has been the perfect tangent to fill up the last few minutes before dinner. time to finish the day.

edit: just shot the music video. incredibly intense. goodnight.

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eric johnson said...

i never liked the sound of q-town either. maybe you should figure out a way to change it. that'd be pretty sweet.