Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 36

i saw the grandest falling star of my life last night. a few of us were out around late and noticed the massive light as it fell across the sky for several long seconds. it looked like a giant flare shot from behind a million miles of darkness. i figured it was worth mentioning.

today was everybody's day off. after waking up on top of the climbing tower, i went for a decent run and got back to camp right in time for lunch. it seems narcissistic to type out the rest of the chill day's activities, but one interesting thing that happened was playing catch for the first time in over a month. it was my new zealand friend's first time and he did well as we tossed and compared the game with cricket.

we were messing around doing some random shooting too and we came up with the video on the right-side video bar. the seal.

only two weeks now until the beginning of constant camp action. new pictures of the past few days to come soon.

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