Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 41

change. the place is busy now and, although the island deer still graze obliviously unconcerned with the influx, this camp is crawling with conversations and luggage and new people. its obvious that the substance and flow of the past forty days have been closed quickly shut in the sudden transition to the next chapter of camp. even though my job required me to get here for advance crew, i couldn't imagine what it would have been like to get here on a night full of noise and movement and action and reuniting and strangers. i'm glad i have perspective, friendships, and a ground of responsibility.

ten minutes til lights out. that's a big change for staff training so i won't be up until 2am anymore. i don't know how that's gonna affect the flow of postings and such.

speaking of friends, tim, a new zealand dude that i'd mentioned before, isn't coming back. he was one of the first people i'd been able to form a solid friendship with here and we'd climbed a mountain, gone surfing, and had some solid conversations. a couple nights ago, we were chilling at the beach and we discussed his choice of continuing to travel and work at camp for another season against the equal pressure to finish college education back home.

i wish i could write and think more, but people are yelling and bosses are coming around and telling us all in the computer lab that we have to be in our rooms in five minutes. they're serious. things have changed.

i managed to pick up a book called 'an imperfect offering' from the few things he left behind as open stock. i like it so far.

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