Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 49


over three hundred junior high campers have filled the grounds and the perspective of the place has made its third and final transition. i spent the day finishing up on a couple last-minute videos for tonight's first-night and q-town and also created a logo for the dvd cover for the projects my video campers will make in their 'starwood dv' club.

the first meeting tonight was intense. the media went really well and all the short activity intro videos we'd been making and filming and editing over the past month finally performed. it felt good to see them on-screen and in place. for the music part of the meeting, i ran power-point with one hand and ran lights as the other hand produced on-stage flashes with the music.

tomorrow is the big day, for me at least. i'll meet the handful of campers who i'm directing after lunch and we'll go up to my office to learn the basics of the camper camera equipment and simplified editing system and we'll start making their own movies.

the night's activities have just ended and i think this place has addicted me to coffee because i haven't had any today and i've had a lingering headache. it'll be interesting to see how the staff lounge and rooms have been changed since many counselors are now out in the woods in the cabins with their campers.

i'm leaving my office at the foot of the mountain to find my place in the night. i've learned so much so far and tomorrow i start my actual position. this has been a great balance.

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