Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 42

intense schedules now dominate the day so my posting habits will change. i'm listening to bob dylan in surround sound in my office right now and it might make this sing-songy. hopefully i'm wrong about that, but i've found a way to play my itunes through the other computers in my office as well, so everything has been going well since.

other than only a couple days of early exhaustion, last night was the first time that i'd been in my room for the night at 11pm. rules are getting heavier now that we're rolling to the homestretch of pre-camp and its given the momentum of daily life a different spin. today was filled with staff orientation meetings, lectures, and emergency practices and it dawned on me that though this is my first time here, i could acknowledge a subtle sense of ease in regards to camp procedures and layout and life, especially now compared to this fresh doubling of newly arrived staff.

even through this, the few of us have managed to get together to chill and play some music and, although writing any form of semi-serious music has been paused, messing around with lyrics about the day's adventures, or lack of them, keeps us entertained. i wish i had money to get ahold of a mandolin, but one girl has been giving me trumpet lessons and i've got the blues scale down. at least i could do it yesterday. i haven't tried yet today, but i can still remember the buttons.

i might get back to this post to add more, but we're about to head down to run the media for the night meeting. i'm doing lighting i think. it's called q-town, for future reference, and it sounded strange to me too when i heard it for the first hundred times. i'm still not comfortable with it, i guess, but it is what it is. everything is a q-something here. camp qwanoes.

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