Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 39

the internet went out yesterday. that happened towards the end of a day where all the projects and loose ends that had been floating around the video office came crashing down onto paper, creating a respectable list of to-do's by the beginning of staff training on friday and especially before next week's camps. this is wednesday.

after work, five of us traveled forty-five minutes in the little orange car to nanaimo to go see the new narnia movie. regina spektor trumped the typical closing soundtrack flair with a surprising entrance, but i still don't know how well it fit with the whole feel. it threw me off, but not as much as the random bear that suddenly yells 'fowe aslan' after having no real significance before or after his very goofy exclamation. its hard to explain, but it made us laugh all the way back to the car. on the way back we stopped along the highway to take pictures of the mountain sunset, the moon, and car headlights.

since the media crew had been up til midnight working late last week setting up the lighting and then i was up after midnight a couple nights ago working on the video for the theater showing, we were given a day off on thursday. i stayed up late with guitar, tea, and conversation cause i didn't have to get up.

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