Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 30

the days grow busier and busier as open-house weekend and then the beginning of summer camps draws nearer and nearer. there are a few videos that i need to work on and finish scripts for in preparation for their summer roles, but it will be alright.

today was another chilly and rainy day. june lazily rambles through its first week and still must be looking for a warmer ocean current. if nothing else, she has yet to put the big grey clouds away for storage though the sun has been able to make short appearances in all this. all in good time i suppose. the tired skies and heavy mists will be out the door soon.

i once heard that once the weather has been established as the greatest commonground in a conversation, the discussion is probably close to being over. i don't know how true that is in the big scheme of things, but tonight, the wind blows damp ghosts in too quickly for me to believe otherwise.

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