Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 48

the staff team woke up early and all of us climbed the mountain in a long line. after we had all finally piled on the top of the mossy rock, we prayed for the summer and lifted kite-shaped papers with hand-printed names of the campers coming this summer. this meeting lasted only a fraction of the length of the journey up, but it was good. instead of going back down the path with everyone else, adam, paul, and i scampered down the rocky ledge and circled the lower circumference, all the while quoting into the wild, until our risky detour finally met with the rest of the trail.

after lunch, paul and i joined a trip to nearby nanaimo to make a final stab at a longstanding purchase. since this was the last day off for the summer, everyone had headed into nearby towns to get final living supplies and whatever else. early in the journey, i found a ten dollar black and pinstripe fedora. just like in florida during spring break, the people i was with gave strong approval, saying something about musicians and fedoras, and i liked the hat myself, so i bought it.

one pursuit still remained stronger than the need for toothpaste and contact solution. we decided to get those things later and we parted with the rest of the group. we walked a very long way and asked directions several times before we finally made it to the desired music store. the last cajon was on sale. it was kind of awkward to carry as we hoofed back to the mall along the gravelly highway shoulder, but we made it. life hasn't been the same since.

just a note- so far, i've chosen to rely mostly on side adventures as the inspirations for stories and thoughts instead of this continual daily camp life of work and preparation. i've done this partly because these tangents have been exciting for me, but mostly because i wanted the posts that will now begin with the first of camps tomorrow to try to display a fresh, yet well-oriented, picture of the camp itself, my little role in the inner-workings, and the ways that God will be moving. hopefully now, the structure, characters, and setting have been established just enough to secure some interest in the overall purpose for my time on this island. i might start to throw in some more camp language as well, awkward as it still is may be for me, as the schedules and routines change once again in final alignment for the realization of their collective purpose.


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