Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 51

this is the second full day of camp. warm, sunny, blue heat beat down from the skies and rolled down the tips and tops of the mountain trees. more energy was reawakened inside the mass of junior highers campers by the time late afternoon had come.

we met for our starwood dv club again today. everyone was a little more open and they didn't seem as nervous as they had yesterday. one girl, who is probably only twelve or thirteen, impressed me. they were all excited to get their hands on the cameras and load the mini dv tapes in themselves, but she was really pumped. i explained the rule of thirds to them today and she practiced and asked to check to make sure she was getting it right. they were all getting the hang of it. as we walked around to shoot, she told me how she was supposed to be in a coca cola commercial when she was younger until they decided to go with animation and how her mom was a model and all sorts of stuff that outlined this personality that, i can imagine, could grow to accomplish good things with a camera. some of the boys were working and thinking at the same time and reiterating and double-checking shot techniques.

i had a little time off before dinner so adam, an australian counselor, and i took the kayaks out. we paddled to the point to the far left of the beach and removed some large debris left from floating logs as we traveled to the point at the far right of the beach's viewpoint. the sun beamed across the sky and over light white mountains and we occasionally stopped dipping the paddles to lean back in our kayaks and float and look at everything and then would slowly began to paddle underneath and around the hanging trees next to the waves and rocks. a chill, relaxed process. it was the perfect break and after we had visited the aqua park and had gone off the blob, we headed back. dinner, and now q-town. i'm really liking doing lights and powerpoint.

all this as given a pretty solid measure of momentum. this has been day 51 on the island.

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