Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 23

this was my last day off so i slept in some. the afternoon was a flow of playin piano, reading photography books along the beach, working out, and sipping tall cans of arizona green tea. they don't have the sweet stuff up here..

earlier i had hoped to hash out some thought-provoking material thats been developing over the past weekend of wandering the big city and reading books on spirituality and such, but for some reason that didn't work out as i had planned. plans are hard to make here. also, us foreigners have decided that canadia is a much better-fitting title for this country. think about it.

now that its quiet and after midnight, there's much to be said for the few weeks of this life i've been living. here. this removed, yet deep, community of christians unified and present really only because of Jesus, has helped me understand and visualize and even practice the themes that the very writers i observe and admire have recollected and drawn personal insight from. formulas don't dominate half as much as human interactions do and these relationships pull the other's further and further from the weights of a formula-for-comfort-seeking lifestyle in a way that never could have been achieved alone. community.

for example, the camp staff plans several events a week during this advanced crew period so that everyone working here can get together. this is all well and good, but i don't find it half as fulfilling sometimes, as the random side trips and adventures and ideas and relationships that come from the recognition of mutual understandings and such. not to sound concerned with personal fulfillment, which of course has no good place in a community-oriented setting, but its been a good time to be able to have a good time aside from the good time that we're already supposed to have, if that makes sense. tim gladly shared his seven dollar cereal with shaun, paul, and mine's hungry stomaches for our midnight snack tonight. i was impressed.

even the people on the busy streets have been able to produce, in a moment's notice, elements such as acceptance and, as one busker put it yesterday, the importance of kindness and understanding for all people, as responses to our musings about the problems of society.

hey, and did you know you can make some solid money busking in just a few months time?

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