Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 43

time is of the essence now, unfortunately, and there's about fifty minutes of chill time left before bosses and flashlights flush this room out. the good news in all this were the cookies at the kitchen after the end of the nightly q-town. q-town still sounds weird to me. still.

i'm learning portuguese from the brazilians here. its slow, but sure. i'm not sure i know enough to put a full sentence down and, even then, it seems kind of pointless right now.

the entire staff loaded into three school buses today to visit a supporting church. the congregation cooked for all of us and it reminded me a lot of past teen missions experiences. we stopped at an awesome coastline on the way back and i'll try to put up some pictures soon. the mountains of washington were visible over the stretching waters. hello america.

there's been a speaker for the evening meetings during staff training named marv penner. its been good and i wish i could write or even think more right now, but the people are crowded and its almost closing time and by then there's no hope of keeping concentration. there go the lights.

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