Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 28

the weekend family work day happened today, so i did most of the shooting for the daily video since the main video guy is away for a few days. after a full day of shooting, i had a mad couple of late afternoon hours to capture and edit the material into a coherent and interesting video that was scheduled to be shown that night after dinner and games.

it got intense, and for an early moment i wasn't completely sure it was all going to get done, but the creative flow went smoothly and i rushed to the meeting place in time to find that the premiere had been pushed back forty-five minutes. better that then the opposite alternative i suppose. the people clapped and a church group asked for a copy of the video after it finally showed, so i think it turned out alright.

by the way, there are a few videos now on the bar on the right side. youtube.

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