Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 47

it might be over. wait for it.. here it is... yes.

i just finished the last highlight video for staff training along with the other odds and ends prep videos needed for the beginning of camp.

one of those short videos was an intro for the mountain-hiking camp activity. i took the camera, left the office, and went on a walk through the woods while most everyone else was required to be in a staff training session about facebook use or something. the winding paths along the mountain narrowed and started to split and dart. i wandered, taking footage here and there, and gave notice to the chirps of unseen birds. a mix of humid forest air and cool ocean salt hung among the leaves and bushes. eventually the air crisped and the sound and smell of waves faded. clear mountain air filled my lungs.

not too long ago, at the end of the fall semester, i had to write a research paper for english 103. i'm not going to go into detail, mostly because it's not much of a pleasant memory, but i ended up turning in 12 pages, along with bibliographies and printed sources, on the designated topic of bigfoot. bigfoot. ouch. it still hurts me.

we would sit in class and joke about going to canada and the pacific northwest to search for bigfoot instead of doing all this research to argue against his non-existence. now, six months after this tragedy in the name of education, i can't believe that i'm actually here- that something actually happened somewhat similar to what we imagined. seriously, who would have thought that, in deep angst and post-midnight typing, i would actually be in canada and in one of the areas i'd researched.

i don't care about bigfoot at all. he was just a footnote in all this big talk. i am still a little nervous about cougars, though not much, but that's just a little healthy respect i think.

i wandered through the woods, thought a little about all this and more, and have since finished the videos in time to post a quick blog before the beginning of q-town and the inevitable end of my night. its only 8 pm.

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