Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 26

this is for thursday, by the way, but its early friday morning. every couple weeks i'll go to bed early to catch up on sleep then be good to go again. i'll pry head to the kitchen to see what i can find to eat before laying back down to wait for daylight. i also had some weird dreams earlier and am not sure what they could've meant.

today was a good, chill, and overall solid workday. this morning the music and video department head had me screen and pick some christian music videos from a fresh dvd that had come in the mail. some of the bands just couldn't pull off the 'hard emo christian rocker' skin and their darkness was just awkward and creepy. there were a few solid ones of other genres that i chose though. i fought partiality for needtobreathe's 'washed by the water' video because i'd seen them in concert a few weeks ago, but i ended up deeming it a solid candidate for use this summer. after that, i wrote a script for a short video we'll shoot this weekend for a side-show sort of presentation for the summer camps. hopefully i'll direct it as well.

don miller's podcasts were a welcome voice-over for the day and i paused workflow a few times to read an old, online rolling stones interview with bono that miller actually refers to at one point. u2's incessant popularity with the other staff at this camp almost made me skip the whole article altogether until musical references to lennon and dylan kept my interest. frequently hearing switchfoot coving u2 songs is as cliche as it gets, but oh well.

a few minutes ago i woke up in the middle of having a dream. there were pen marks and words written carefully on the palm of my right hand. somebody told me that this was absolute truth, and i tried to read and believe and understand what they exactly said, but was suddenly flashed to a scene of busy, city-street walkers. people that didn't know or care about me would half-heartedly shake my hand as they walked by or would occasionally put up a high five with a nod. smears soon replaced the carefully-scripted words and i woke up in my bunk, checked my hands, and considered the balance needed to living right whether it be in the confines of a safe christian camp or the flowing masses of impersonal society. each has its dangers. 

seriously, what a weird thing to scrape up from a dream at 3 am.

by the way, i've managed to upload the blues jam me, my roomate, and the music/vid department leader did for a talent show a couple weeks ago. its rough, i should warn you.

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