Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 34

more video editing was done today during the last day before tomorrow's open house. the registered amount of guests has reached over 800 people and there could be walk-ins as well. it's gonna be huge.

after work and dinner, the video and media guys went back to the meeting place to set up hanging stage lights. we started at 8p.m., which seemed reasonable, but we didn't get done until after 11:30. all this after a full work day has made for a really long day. thankfully there's the stash of food for times like these. the three of us had thanked our friend the cook tonight for his provisions and he said he'd do his best to keep it up for the summer. it's funny how no matter where i go, people always come to the understanding of this hyperactive appetite.

there was a seal on the dock yesterday that i forgot to mention and i got pretty close to him before he started snarling and barking. you'll see.

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