Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 296

the fog in the trees and pudgy cool misty air reminded me of the island back in may. even the mountains were here-and-there or partially visible depending on how the wind pulled or pushed the cloudy blanket across the sky. my red raincoat was enough protection from the mild cold and lazy drizzle. today really reminded me of day three, way back when.

i happened upon a book of poetry at the library. this poem was particularly enchanting, especially considering the randomness of the overall pickup. i soon left to go to the post office and coffee shop but man, this afternoon reminds me of vancouver island. the air. that's what it is. and the fog. that and the cave-like, daylight, spray-lite smell. i almost don't even mind having to consistently dodge deep slush piles and little street rivers. i'll go get an apple fritter.

a strange influence tonight led me to empty my bags and organize my closet and separate what i plan on leaving at the salvation army here and what i'll take when i leave this place. that moment of departure still could come as soon as one month. man, one month. i remember getting here in tame and paling october and the end of a winter in this place was over five months away. one month. has this even been ten months?

time must be running out. shaun and paul have sold their old longboards and a guitar to the pawn shop and are getting ready to leave for their california summer experience, whatever that turns out to be like. even the handful of snow that fell last night wasn't enough to keep everyone on the slopes for the entire day.

i hope you don't mind a little change of style. rougher, rawer, thoughts and snapshots from this day. times are changing and i have no big projections to make.

finally though, i have some cool news. one of my images was chosen for wallblank.com's wall of fame- seven of the favorite pieces since their start in october. check it out and, if you feel like it, browse the weekly circle as well.

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